Pre-Recorded Video Classes

yoga classes

Caryn Florentin’s classes are nourishing to the body and soul. You can hear the smile in her voice and feel her compassion as a teacher through the screen. We are so lucky to have Caryn as a part of

contemporary Yoga dance

*full-length classes

 Love yoga and dance? This is the perfect class for you! I will lead you, step-by-step, through the signature format that I’ve been teaching at yoga and dance studios in the Denver area since 2014. Start with a vinyasa yoga flow warm-up, then learn a choreographed contemporary yogic dance. Learn small sections at a time, do it with the music, and then add on more. You can join with or without video.

aerial hammock / sling

*full-length classes

Is your workout stuck on the ground? Come fly with me in the air! I will lead you through an ab-busting workout with options for different levels, and even options for people who only have a yoga trapeze or short sling. Expect a short warm-up, then high-energy exercises with quick transitions. You can join with or without video.